Experience the Real Japan from the Eyes of a Transplanted American Living in Kyushu

The Japanese term "gaijin" ("guy jean") means foreigner, but it has many other connotations--some good and some bad--in a land in which almost everything is different from the West.

Welcome to Real Gaijin where you can find commentary, reporting, and analysis about what is going on in Japan from the perspective of a long-term expat from America.

What’s it like to commit to living the rest of one’s life in a country so far away and so different from one’s hometown? Follow Real Gaijin whose author, Mark Kennedy, is now a real permanent resident of Japan, as he takes “the road less traveled” and meets some colorful characters along the way.

Having spent almost thirty years working for an American multi-national in Tokyo, the author of Real Gaijin, a native of Chicago, now lives deep in the Japanese countryside on the island of Kyushu. Mark ditched the corporate life in his early fifties to retire and return to the part of Japan where he had spent a year as a Fulbright graduate student decades before.

Real Gaijin leverages decades of in-country experience and fluency in Japanese to provide insights written in English weekly on a variety of topics including…

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